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Comment: Yes, people cheat.

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Yes, people cheat.

Make cheating a capital offense. It would raise the cost of hiring cheaters.

Machines can only count votes, only people can make a vote count.

What's the chain of custody once I make my choice. Tough question.

Right now government pretends to own the fruits of our labors and we "vote" for men who support our taxation.

Maybe we should put the Federal Government on the PBS plan. If I approve of their programming and policies, I can sent a donation or make a gift to the the government. [Gold and silver Coin only please, it's the Government's law.]

The job of Congress is to create and keep funded a government constrained by the Constitution. Ultimately, We the people would vote our support with our coined Money.

I bet they won't lose our votes then!

Donations by district would be transparent, as well the monthly spending by the Congress, the Executive and the Judiciary.

A "Cash and Carry" government with only the taxation allowed before the 16th Amendment.

Then I might be motivated to get a job, when I don't have to fund this government's atrocities.

Just thinking out loud. Ever since the Helping America Vote Act of 2002 was passed (ominous title). Voting was controlled by a monopoly power, the EAC. Politicians themselves have no motivation to change the Voting systems that elected them, and precincts are not under the central authority of the EAC.

We need to strike at the root, and contest the voting process at the precinct level, moving up the chain as needed. Make voting systems a market process, or roll your own, by precinct.

We have marked paper ballots read by a die-bold scanner. I don't know if the votes are hand counted or not, unless a challenge is made.

Free includes debt-free!