Comment: I disagree.

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I disagree.

If there is pandering (and I'm not sure there is), I would say the place where Ron panders is to the college, pot-smoking crowd directly, which is the opposite of what you're saying. Haven't you heard his speeches on college campuses? He candidly says over and over people ought to be able to do what they want with their money and their own bodies. Now if he's on a T.V. show, he modifies that approach...

Aside from that, I respectfully disagree that the other things you mentioned are pandering. I don't understand your distinction on #2. I think sovereignty is the key.

The silver dime example is far from "trite," as you put it. In fact, that was one of his best moves. It was epic. You really prefer the usual monotonous stuff over holding up the silver dime? Well, again, he's on record with volumes of that, so I don't know where you're missing it...

Finally, I don't understand the point about the troops. He has said repeatedly that we should keep an army for defense purposes only, and get out of all the other nations' affairs. This post is what is muddy. Please clarify if you have a point.

John F