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Debates are inevitable. Ron did not drop out so it is impossible

for the media to ignore him now that the other candidates are out. If Ron's campaign challenges Mitt to a debate, there will be a debate. It is irrelevant that the media claims there would be no more debates. That is simply their misguided plan to crown Romney backfiring now since they thought Ron would have dropped out by now. If they ignore further debates it will bite them in the ass as we have way too much momentum now. The only thing left that can screw up a one on one exposure and win over Romney will be if Santorum comes back in after his little hiatus. And as far as what can happen at the convention, just look at Harding's winning the nomination back in 1920.

And please check yourself on thinking I am in the business of misleading people. I have been in Ron Paul's camp since I was in college in the 1970's and started supporting him. I've waited nearly 40 years to see this man finally reach what he deserves and I am sorry, but I trust this man and that he knows what he is doing. I was at the debates in Simi Valley and Las Vegas this year and met he and his wife, and I was most recently at the Chico speech. He is a master tactician and chess player in politics. That is the sole reason he is still in the race. Look at Cain, Bachman, Perry and all the other clowns who came and went. You need to do a little more homework before trying to school a man who has spent his entire adult life researching and learning everything that Dr. Paul professes. If you honestly cannot see how Ron has played out this game over the last election cycle, then you need to spend a bit more time understanding the delegate process and what Doug Wead and the campaign are doing, especially considering the limited resources and not having a Goldman Sacs sugar daddy to give unlimited funds to the campaign. This is a true grass roots campaign like none ever seen. The entire world is watching this.