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Comment: This is the kind of...

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This is the kind of...

...yellow journalism that is spat at the American people daily by these cretaceous limpugs of the lowest class in the cottage industry yellow journalism schools.

What a total crock of hashed carp for the average romulan consumption. They eat this gross slop bucket dibble up like it is really truth. Only a fool ignores the real winner Ron Paul like this and soon, at their own peril.

When they have to regurgitate this dead gofer guts muckity-uck soup of lies and dis/mis-information, it will not feel as good coming out as it did going down. Of course, all poisonous material like this does that. Why they keep sloping it down is beyond ludicrous ignorance of the real truth.

Ron Paul is the winner in the real vote without the use of the tainted vote rigging machines. The willard romney cannot win without the machines and he knows this is the only reason why he is appearingly winning and supposedly the one that will be nominated. That is the reason why he feels bad. He knows that he can not win the majority and that the soroes owned Spanish company machines will be geared for for obama and not him if he does actually make it to the election as the republican nomination.

You also have to remember that the republican party does not really want a real republican in the WH because they already have one there.

If the gop really truly wanted a real conservative republican in the WH, they would be doing all they could to nominate Ron Paul, and not the patsy fall guy romney who will take the dive at the right time as paid off to do by the same scummy banksters that own the soterobama. It is all so simple to see for anyone who can reason.

Unfortunately, there are a slew of romulans that will most probably never see this light as truth. Bush/soeterobama and kerry/romney 2.0 all over again. The crime will be wasting all that energy that will be fruitlessly scwandered in the planed fantasy race and nasty-competitions around the conventions and elections that the romulans will mindlessly spew all about before it is all over with. Imagine the $$$ take from all those who will waste How Much Money given to the gop alone. How much more will be wasted going to the conventions and the propaganda associated with the paid for election.

The ONLY chance we have to change it all in a good way, and stop all the insanity is to elect, protect, and enforce the Rule of Law under the Presidency of Ron Paul!