Comment: and I've already told the story a few times

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and I've already told the story a few times

I stole this from an all too true Washington, D.C. fable...

Ron Paul's staff notified the media to meet their guy down near the Washington Monument, and on the edge of the Reflecting Pool at 1am, in order to have all their questions answered at one time.

At 1am the media all was gathered and the old Buick pulled up and Ron Paul got out from behind the wheel.

He walked over to the water and without pausing, just kept on walking. He walked around on the water for approx 30 minutes.

Coming back to shore he simply walked back to his Buick and drove off.

His media guy said to the assembled reporters: "and that's all there is to say about that."

The next day the headlines all read something like "Ron Paul wanders aimlessly around Capitol Mall."