Comment: Burying your head in the sand

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Burying your head in the sand

Burying your head in the sand is not effective. Where is the brutal battle when in the caucus states so far, Romney has not only gotten FAR more delegates than Ron Paul...but more than he EXPECTED (and more than the media that you claimed were giving him to MANY were claiming?)

Where was the brutal battle last night when Romney got what will wind up being well over 200 delegates?

It doesn't matter if Ron Paul wins 100% of the caucus delegates the rest of the way...which he won't do.

It DOES make Wead look stupid to claim that Romney is scared or panicking. And the absolutely IS just saying it to appease the supporters for donations. There is NO WY he is as stupid and delusional as you apparently are.

You know who winds up talking to themselves a lot? People are are SO far removed from reality that the rest of the world think of them as fucking jokes. And suggesting that Ron Paul is winning puts your FIRMLY in that category...just like it did to everyone saying right up to the convention that Ron Paul was going to beat McCain in 2008.

There is not a SINGLE person involved in Ron Paul's campaign at this point that thinks for ONE second that Ron Paul will be sleeping in the White House in 9 months. Of course he can't say that unless he plans on officially calling it quits. But he lives in the real world so he knows