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Good Advice

In this case, it was a Ron Paul supporter who made the video from a robo-call he received. The poster was being understated in saying the message was "misleading." I was just trying to show another example here of Republican Party efforts to write RP off. (Unfortunately, I posted it in the wrong place.)

Here's the good news. It was forwarded to me by someone in one of our county's tea-party groups. Sadly, the tea party hasn't put its money where its mouth is. At one meeting, someone mentioned the "three candidates" running: Romney, Gingrich, and Santorum. I said, "Four." The person responded, "THREE." I answered, "FOUR." I thought it might come to blows! This particular group pays lip service to the three stated tenets; in reality, they're social conservatives who were all for Rick Santorum. But I appear to have convinced at least one person that Ron Paul hasn't been given a fair shake.

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