Comment: Any Laws Passed By Congress Abridging the Freedom of Speech

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Any Laws Passed By Congress Abridging the Freedom of Speech

Unconstitutional laws are null and void, but as we have seen, you can still end up in trouble.

If you collect money to support a candidate, you have to form a PAC (I believe). Essentially, by working together, you are a committee, even though you aren't working with the official committee.

I had the same idea, and I'm working on some advertising that is not campaign material, but simply a voter education flyer. I'm planning to put up a website where people can donate to educate the public as to who is still in the race, and their positions. I'm working on comparing Obama, Romney, and Paul, along with information for California voters as to deadlines to re-register, register, and with other information.

Alternatively, if you set it up like the Blimp was in 2008, someone who is not donating anything to the candidate (i.e., who is in business to make money and not taking sides) can make their product available (ad time on the side of a blimp), and people can buy as much or as little as they want.

If you have the Pennysaver in your area, they will print and mail to 10,000 households a flyer (7.5" x 11") for under $400. If someone in your area posted a list of Zip Codes, and everyone reported which ones they had mailed to, you might get away without any reporting to the FEC--I don't know. However, if you were to send out a flyer asking people to join your Ron Paul Meet-up and your Freedom Barbeque, or something like that, mentioning that Ron Paul is a candidate for the nomination, but you don't ask them to vote for him...

Government has a way of spoiling the fun.

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