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From such a wordy fellow as yourself,

I think I expected a much more robust response, that you would respond was never in doubt. Kudos to you just the same, let's hope your brevity is a trend.
As I do not believe I have added a single comment to this thread before today, perhaps you will allow me to express myself in the same lengthy manner which is your custom.

You seem to be quite fond of answering questions, I have one or two if you don't mind.

But first, you mentioned being attacked. I felt as though I was merely having a little fun at your expense, but for the sake of argument let's assume that I was indeed attacking you, it only adds to the fun. As for my club, I'm much too obnoxious and opinionated to amass any kind of following myself, and I've never really been a joiner. No cult, no club, just ideas and observations delivered with my signature sardonic flair.

First question. Have you ever once stepped down from your throne long enough to consider that the great many Christians, Hindus, Muslims etc. whom you so frequently challenge in this forum, may themselves feel similarly attacked by your endless assertions that they are somehow less intelligent, less informed, and less evolved than yourself?

Next. Has it never occurred to you that when you do attack someones faith, that it is reasonable for that someone to feel as though you are challenging much more than a belief system, but who they are as a person? Faith is a very personal matter, it runs deep in some and not so much in others. Whether someone is deeply devout or casual in their approach to spiritual matters, if they are a faithful person at all, it is very much a part of who they are as an individual. In your efforts to make everyone think as you think, you are offending many at their very core. You should not be so surprised at some of the reactions you have received to your posts, the fact that you are not only surprised but offended says a great deal about you.

I would think an Atheist should have no problem with these concepts, as the common complaint I hear from non-believers is that they don't care for being preached to, they don't like religion or God or whatever "shoved in their face" as it were. Non-believers as a matter of common knowledge, can actually become quite touchy about even a perceived effort to convert them from their godless ways. Unfortunately, what many non-believers consider an affront, many of the rest of us would consider conversation.

Many other non-believers have even gone so far as to take their cases before the courts in an attempt to stifle and supress the freedom of religious expression, the same freedom which was so longed for that it led not only to the great exodus to the Americas, but was essential to the establishment of the very Republic in which we are blessed to find ourselves today.

The founding document of our nation makes reference to the Creator, that the hand of Providence was present and active during those difficult days of Revolution was nearly universally accepted, as clearly evidenced by the many additional writings of the same men who gave to us not only the Declaration of Independence but the U.S. Constitution. While the number of believers in America may be steadily declining, those who agree with you are still very much in the minority. Whether you like it or not, quite a few of us less enlightened individuals still believe in God. I only point this out for your edification, consider your audience.

You declare yourself an Atheist, I highly doubt it, but have it anyway you choose. I don't have a problem with your commentary, or even your inability to let a much unappreciated post meet it's natural demise. My problem is with you Mr. Shaw. You are clearly, quite religious about your beliefs, and it's annoying. You seem to be the atheistic personification of every single trait of Theistic persons, that irreligious non-believers incessantly rail against. It's a contradiction bordering on hypocrisy. I'm sorry if that's a bit harsh, but I'm not sure how to express thoughts such as these with someone who has not only created their own moral universe but rules from it's center.

If I spent even a fraction of the time espousing my own particular brand of monotheism here at the DP, as you have done espousing your atheistic views, the response from folks such as yourself would be scathing and profuse. I don't even care to imagine just how negative the response would be.

A few of us here at the DP were recently trying to enjoy a rather uplifting thread dealing with the ancient wisdom book of Proverbs. There was no secret about why we were there, Proverbs was right in the title of the post. Your atheist buddies could have avoided it altogether, as I typically avoid your posts when I see them. But instead, there were several who just couldn't resist stopping by to inform us that we were all fools. But it gets better, not only that we were fools, but it was also clearly stated that we had no right to express our faith in a public forum, and particularly a forum like the Daily Paul. We were not recruiting, we were not a club, merely a gathering of similarly minded individuals trying to lift one another up through various passages of the most widely distributed and read, not to mention beloved collection of texts known to mankind. You would have thought we were peddling meth by some of the reactions.

I do not prosthelytize. I am not worthy. But I do have my own beliefs and opinions of a spiritual nature which I sometimes share. This may surprise you, but I am also very interested in your opinions, and what you may think and feel about a variety of subjects of interest to you. It is quite possible that I, and others in this forum who presently are so annoyed with you, could actually benefit from your input, as you are clearly a knowledgable man. The problem sir, is that you are a single issue zealot. Atheism is your creed, your dogma, your religion if you will. And frankly, quite a few of us are simply weary of being preached to.

This is the Daily Paul, not the Daily Shaw. It's a forum about Liberty. At times people share things that they think might be of interset to the community which are not directly related to the campaign, at other times issues like atheism and theism just spring up of their own accord. For the most part, dealing with sensitive subjects like faith and religion is not a difficulty for Liberty lovers, agreeing to disagree agreeably is a bit of an art form and some are better at it than others, but I think we all try.

The problem with posts such as yours is that they begin and end with disagreement, and for the life of me, I can't think of a single solitary thing that being Christian, Atheist, Buddhist or a devoted follower of old horned head himself has to do with getting Ron Paul elected to the Presidency. Peace neighbor, wherever you may find it.

πολλα γαρ πταιομεν απαντες ει τις εν λογω ου πταιει ουτος τελειος ανηρ δυνατος χαλιναγωγησαι και ολον το σωμα