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Comment: Congratulations on the Bloomberg article.

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Congratulations on the Bloomberg article.

Even though they state that you have little chance of winning due to the political machine that runs our government outspending you hundreds of thousands of dollars, we know you can win!
"Other Paul-inspired candidates tell similar stories of their political awakening. Casida, a 30-year-old graphic designer running as an Independent in a sprawling Colorado district, says she had little interest in becoming a politician until 2008, when she read End the Fed, perhaps Paul’s best-known manifesto. “It opened my eyes,” she says. She read everything she could about him and went to see Paul speak. Casida decided to run for office herself after she tried to start a farmer’s market but discovered it would mean paying thousands of dollars in fees—evidence, she says, of government run amok.

“So many of our problems stem from unconstitutional acts at the federal level,” she says. Casida has little chance of defeating the Republican incumbent Scott Tipton. She’ll be outspent by hundreds of thousands of dollars, though she’s managed to raise $20,000, much of it from Paul supporters around the country."