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Why would you void them?

If you've watched the video series "Both Sides of the Story" by Dean Clifford, and his other videos,

You'll see he's saying all you have to do is collapse the trust by sending back the birth certificate, drivers license, etc. which would be returning the equitable title, but why would you want to do that? They cannot prove you were operating "thru that title" and acting in the capacity of a gov't agent when you made the money, or got pulled over, unless they can provide a pay record proving you were operating as a gov't agent. That's where your affidavit comes in handy.

Example: You're saying I owe taxes on the statutory side? Well, I was never working as a gov't agent; or in that capacity; or thru that tile, when I made the money you claim I owe taxes on. And unless you can provide me with a payment history you have on file for me (this is just one point, there are others)within 10 days, then I simply can't agree with your "presumptions". Can they do that? No! unless you were operating in that capacity and they have pay records to prove it.

You may someday decide you want a government job, and if so, you can start operating "thru that title", the "legal fiction" name on the birth certificate; drivers license; ss card, etc.

They are creating "titles" and "presuming" you are operating in the capacity of an gov't agent "thru that title", and will continue to "presume" that until you rebut the "presumptions".

Then we have the matter of an hourly rate: If they want to employee you, then they can either agree or disagree with your terms; which could be $50,000.00 per hour if that's what you feel you're worth.

The burden of proof isn't on us to prove we were not operating in the capacity of; or thru that title, etc. If they are making a "presumption", then fine; now we can "rebut" that "presumption" via affidavit, and if they can't rebut your affidavit point by point, where do they have a leg to stand on?

Sam's Club can "claim" you owe them money in union fees all they want because you have a Sam's Club card in your pocket; they can make the "presumption" you're one of their employees all day long. But, for it to have any force or effect, they're going to have to provide you with proof of employment; pay stubs/records, etc. which would be their proof that you were actually operating in the capacity of an employee.

Not sure If I'm getting this point across correctly, but am trying. Folks need to go watch Dean Clifford's seminars, and you will come to understand the "titles" they are presuming you're operating thru on the statutory side, but they need to prove up their claim by showing records of employment.

We don't need to jump through hoops filling out all this BS Patriot paperwork and undoing contracts like we've all been doing for years; all we have to do is "rebut" their "presumption" we were operating thru that "title" at the time of the arrest or ticket; or at the time we made the money they claim you owe in taxes.

If you're a government employee and receiving a government check, then by all means, pay your taxes; they have the "proof" of employment and the "proof" of payment to back up their claims.

We've all been digging through code; statutes; rules; regs, etc. trying to find a loop hole or a way to void or undo these contracts, and all we really ever had to do was rebut the "presumption" we were operating in that capacity at the time. Their statutory rules, regulations, laws, statutes, etc. only apply to them on the statutory or legal fiction side, but they've tricked everyone into believing they also apply to us by "presuming" we are operating in the capacity of; and presuming we are operating thru that "title", and if you don't rebut the presumption, they'll just keep on presuming.

NOTE: A man/woman can operate thru several different "titles", for example: On Monday's and Wednesdays, you might be a manager at Star Bucks Coffee (that's one title), and on Tuesdays you're a roofer (that's another title), and on Thursday and Friday you're a dog groomer at your home business (that's another title).

They are just "presuming" you're operating thru the title they created for you (legal fiction name on birth certificate) as a government employee 365 days a year, get it?

Everyone really needs to watch his videos, it sure does simplify this mess, and explains it very well.

It's the "title"; that's where they are making the presumption. Understanding this "title" topic is very important. Our Inherent "title" is the name our parents gave us on the Record of Live Birth they sent to the gov't. The government "split the title" and created a trust and sent you back a Certificate of Live Birth, which created another "title"; a government employee title/license with the "legal fiction" name on it.

We left our Inherent "title" sitting on the back porch when we were children, and have been led to believe the "title" they created for us (the legal fiction)was our only "title".

Now another point: Why would anyone want to give up their birth certificate? That's your only proof of equitable title in the corporation known as the UNITED STATES. That corporation owes you and I, the people/natives of this land tax money for their use of our land. The taxes they are collecting from "their" employees, are to be paid to people of this land as a compensation to us for using up our natural resources, etc.

FOREIGNERS and FOREIGN Corporations pay taxes to the inhabitants or natives of the land. The Kings children pay no taxes. The foreigners are paying their own taxes to us, by extorting the money from us, by claiming we are one of them and operating through their "title" 24/7.

They are extorting tax money out of you and I to pay their own fees. That's like me stealing money out of your wallet and making the payments I owe you for the car you sold me with your own money.

Everyone really needs to watch Deans seminars, he really lays it out well, and when you finally "get it", it's one of those face palm moments.