Comment: Since this is already at the

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Since this is already at the

Since this is already at the top, for the zillionth time, I am going to comment.

THE BULLSHIT RELIGIOUS THREADS HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH GETTING RON PAUL ELECTED! Ugh! I only wish I could vote this down as often as it hits the top! It is beyond divisive and does nothing to welcome any new RP supporters other than to make us all look like a bunch of bickering fools. WHO THE HELL CARES WHAT RELIGION ANYONE FOLLOWS!!! Its freedom that counts here and freedom requires tolerance and the people on this thread are the most intolerant bunch I've ever seen since they continue to bicker among themselves over something that should remain a very personal, private choice and which frankly doesn't affect anyone but yourselves. Cut the crap already and get to work on the election. Foolish, useless arguments over mythology don't win elections!

Blessings )o(