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That's a good question

I'm not going to address "faith" because there's a more common and simple topic that fits with your question, and which I don't think there are many interpretations of: superstition.

We're evolutionary wired to be superstitious because false beliefs can sometimes be of benefit (enough for us to pass the neural mechanisms of false belief on to our kids).

My personal view is that superstition is a bad thing (because it often produces maladaptive behavior), but sometimes false beliefs are worth having when you're uninformed because they can help you to cope. Let's be honest; they've helped a lot of marriages at points in people's lives. People often lie when they think that it's better for their partner to hear nice things when they're ignorant - and sometimes they're right.

This subject (whether untrue beliefs of any sort are overall good or bad) isn't the focus of the article, though.

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