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That's all great and I agree

That's all great and I agree with you but why don't you call the campaign and see how they do nothing, just like in 2008 (For more or less legitimate, understandable reasons)? Or, maybe it would be even more expedient if you ante up your own cash for a lawyer to take on Veda and the entire NY Republican Party? If you really believe what you're saying then get the boll rolling on your front, either concerning this issue or the countless others across the country like it. Otherwise, sitting here putting down this honest effort, you just sound like another couch potato warrior.

Veda might be pompous and self-important and he might even have the old guard in Rockland county behind him but they're a dying gang of old thugs. His reputation has been smeared over the past few years and he's not well liked. With enough signatures and some local pressure, it's not impossible to have him replaced.

Mike T.K. Ayers
New York, NY