Comment: I'm sending out messages to them all saying this:

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I'm sending out messages to them all saying this:

Dear Sir or Madam,

There are still a great many people who are not satisfied with the presumptive nominee, Mitt Romney. We would like to see a one vs one debate, Paul/Romney, concerning key issues. We would like to witness these men have a lengthy discussion where they both have ample time to let their topical knowledge be known. The American people deserve to have their worries settled.
It's not enough to just replace Barrack Obama; We need to replace him with the correct person. We do not need a insincere panderer. We want an honest, pricipled man who has the correct philosphical perspective.
We need to get back to the foundational roots of our constitution. We, as a people, have forgotten what the application of the concept of Liberty actually means to us in our everyday lives. We need to stop these attacks on our personal freedoms.
Furthermore, we believe The United States of America is very very economically sick. We need to elect someone who NOT ONLY knows how to run a business, but truly understands history, and the history of money. Is there a doctor in the house?