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While winning the election

While winning the election would be great, this is about getting a message of liberty to everyone. The Youth for Ron Paul provides the Dr. with venues to get the message to thousands of people at a time. Not all are young that attend. And if the majority are, so what? They will be the main voting block in 10 - 20 years. We certainly aren't getting any coverage or respect for that matter, from the GOP and the MSM. Also keep in mind, that colleges will be out for summer in about another month, if that long? So I say milk that now for all you can. We have the summer to visit senior centers.

The one thing I wish the campaign would do, if we could all keep the funds coming in, would be to run an ad in Texas comparing Romney vs. Paul's record on freedom to own a gun. I think if Texans could see Romney scores about a D and Paul an A, they would flock to Paul. To be honest, I don't know why he isn't beating Romney in his own state - ridiculous!