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Oh I see P-FINK

the Romney troll is at it again! Just goes to show you which candidate attracts the intelligent thinking person, and which attracts the lamb being led to slaughter. The Romney camp must be getting scared. I can't wait until the second ballot in Tampa when all those "expected" Romney delegates become unbound. It cracks me up that Romney supporters bitch about Obama, and yet continue to back the "lite" version of the very thing they despise. One of the definitions of insanity is expecting a completely different result from the display of the exact same behavior. And if you think for one minute that a head-to-head debate would hurt Paul and not Mittens, you truly are deluded. Even Romney's handlers know he will put his foot in it...that's why they don't let him partake in these sorts of things any more than he has to. Go back to your own boards where you might find some others simple enough to believe your drivel. As for those of us who are true conservatives, there is nothing you could say here that will convince any of us that your guy is even worth a second glance...don't waste your time.

The lesser of two evils is still an evil.