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Im not going to say you're

Im not going to say you're wrong, but I will tell you that I know 2 superior court judges, and one state supreme court judge and NONE of them would agree with you or know this.

I also know several attorneys, that would also not believe you or know what you are talking about...and almost every other attorney in the states would have no idea what you are saying, and these attorneys will someday be judges.

These attorneys and judges WILL agree that a notice of rescission of a document, or the voiding of a fraudulent contract is lawful and require proof from the moving party that my claim and affidavit isnt true. Judges and lawyers arent that experienced with "personhood" these days unfortunately, they think everyone is a person, and if a person has a social security number, then they are responsible for all actions associated with it.

Furthermore the litigation time is extensive. Easiest to rescind the SS number and never use it again.