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As I said in my opening

As I said in my opening statement, I am going out on a limb, but this is with in the realm of possibility.

Yes it is a long shot, most likely not to occur, highly improbable, difficult to obtain and the odds are against it. Now that their is no longer any confusion on the chances of this occuring........

Congressional district 29 (My district) is currently sitting at 19.51% for Ron Paul. A few hundred additional absentee/Military votes for Paul would put us over the 20% mark.

This is not out of the question as Paul receives more donations from active duty military than all other candidates and President Obama combined.

That being said, Westchester County still has not released polling result for 326 voting location. Current polling results from the precincts that have reported have Romney @ 76.3% of the vote and Paul @ 8.8%

Since the statewide average for Romney is 63.3% and Paul is 15.3%
Westchester county has a 20.5% deviation spread from the norm.

Westchester County appears to be the 2nd or 3rd largest county in New York State in respect to Republican Primary voters and the 65.5% of the precincts that have reported have a combined ballot count of 8,304.

Using these numbers as a point of reference, as of this moment, 4,152 votes in Westchester County alone could be unaccounted for.

Those estimated 4,152 votes are roughly equivalent to 2.5% of all
the votes cast in the entire New York state Republican primary.

That 2.5% does not include the other 9 counties that have failed to
completely report all the precinct votes.

Most likely when the votes are tabulated, things won't change but that doesn't mean we shouldn't keep an eye out for possible shenanigan. Especially in a state where there are currently allegations of a NY GOP Chairman making Robocalls saying only Romney remains in the race.

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