Comment: How is George Soros involved?

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How is George Soros involved?

How is George Soros involved?

Scytl, is owned and controlled by a venture capital firm, Balderton, which is run by Goldman Sachs veterans Tim Bunting and Mark Evans. Tim Bunting was an 18 year veteran of Goldman Sachs and in 2004, he was promoted to vice-chairman of Goldman Sachs. Tim Bunting was one of Goldman Sachs' most senior European executives.

Balderon owns at least a majority interest in Syctl.

Additionally, Rob Moffat, who is also an executive with Balderton, was a former Bain Capital executive for five years.

As I understand SCYTL voting systmes, vote tallies are redirected to a centralized privately held server outside the United States. There is no physical evidence. No chain of custody. No way for the public to authenticate who actually cast the votes, chain of custody, or the count.

Knowing that former Goldman Sachs veterans have an ownership interest in the very software that tabulates votes in the United States is very concerning! If another world financier, like George Soros, is also involved in our democratic voting systems, I would like to know and how.