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Here is another rule

6461. (a) The delegation of each candidate shall be composed as
(1) Seventy-eight percent of the delegation, or the nearest whole
number thereto which provides for a total number of district
delegates equal to at least three times the number of congressional
districts within the state, shall be composed of three delegates
selected for each congressional district.
(2) The remainder of the delegation shall be composed of delegates
selected at large from throughout the state.
The names of the persons chosen as delegates shall be submitted to
the Secretary of State, by the candidate or his or her designee
, no
later than 30 days before the presidential primary election for

So, presuming Romney wins in CA, the names of the persons he chooses as delegates, people pledged to support Romney at the convention, submitted 30 days prior to the primary, will be the delegates coming from CA. None of the people Ron Paul or any other candidate chooses will be delegates - it's "winner take all" indeed.

So the plan is for significant numbers to falsely pledge support for Romney so as to be selected as Romney delegates, then go to Tampa, and, contrary to the pledge, abstain from voting on the first ballot, hope there is a second one, abstain on that one too, and finally vote for Ron Paul on the third?

How is this not fraud and fundamentally contrary to the very principles espoused by libertarians in general and Ron Paul in particular?

"Know what you know, know what you don't know, and understand and appreciate the distinction."