Comment: Yea, it got to be mob

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Yea, it got to be mob

Yea, it got to be mob mentality lately.

Ironically, one of the reasons I became a libertarian/anarchist in the first place was to get away from this type of mob mentality in the first place.

Now it seems any thread that is deemed "against ron paul" by the majority is shouted down, down voted, and asked to be deleted, and the poster is accused of being a troll, a "secret zionist" or something bizzare.

This include:
- threads that discuss peoples discomfort with rons strong religious views, and tips on how to internally work out reconciling support for him (does this movement really hinge on first converting everyone to Christianity as a prerequisite to libertarianism?)
- threads that discuss the possibility of when to ever consider a third party run (principle > party)
- threads discussing rons possible utility to the liberty movement in general, regardless of his campaign odds (this one is very frustruating to me personally, as I am sick of people claiming that "supporting ron paul" NECESSARILY means "insisting that RP will win the 2012 presedential election as the republican nominee")

I guess this sorta morphed from a site about a man as a vehicle for an ideology to an unofficial 2012 campaign site.