Comment: not telling you how to make your choice BUT have you considered

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not telling you how to make your choice BUT have you considered

I would not pretend to help you make any decision but I do feel
somewhat of where you are, more amicable times have passed my by too

Also I am older 75 now, and from Dr. Pauls generation and familial type background.
As I posted on utube for months with links to facts and articles by Founders and world respected philosophers and current events experts and got lambasted repeatedly even so far as being threatened to give out personal info about me I am HERE because I felt it is at least a place where there are to the trolls attacks and I could no longer try to post where pages after pages were all " I'd hit her" type garbage and I thought how terrible for Dr. Paul that the world is seeing his supporters as kids with minds in the gutter.
I found I could do better on newsite threads and get links from here and utube and post where I didnt get banned, :)

Its been a long and hard row to hoe but I realize ANY revolution is made up of FIRST the thinkers who have the IDEA and knowledge that it is necessary and can be done.
When those thinkers speak and stay strong they are followed by the easily led superficial thralls who are those first expendable in any revolution so their ignorant rants and aggressive attention seeking must be embraced as part and parcel of what we are doing when we make REVOLUTION.

psssst revolution does get nasty.

REVOLUTION IS: "a fundamental change in power or organizational structures that takes place in a relatively short period"

while the IDEA has long been with us the ACTIVE portion has only been running since the 2012 campaigning started so the
rabble that will become the igniter and fodder has got on board and is loud, ill mannered, violence prone, sans ANY respect for others in the movement or even Dr. Ron Paul himself. These, too, are needed to make this turn around happen.
We ARE in that phase now, it was bound to happen ya know.

While it often galls me when I read the ignorant posts and totally self aggrandizing of some here its still better than most utube threads and at least I can post this site on utube and invite others here and TRUST Universe will send many who are intelligent and open to check this out.

I too have had some good posts ignored as they are too intellectual for many here and they just get bypassed as the scroll is run by oneliners & boasters." Id take a bullet for him "

Also I have days when I think its just not worth the few who will read a post so I dont post it and someone else does anyway.
I have had posts co opted by others and reposted as theirs
I just go on holding to the knowledge that we have to get
Ron Paul to Tampa in a position of power. This site will go on and more will read here and some will join.

Who joins or reads are ALL part of the energy we need to make this work. If I had my druthers we could serve tea and have reasoned debates on how to make needed changes but that wont make a revoltion.

The world has changed since Ron Pauls and my generation
We will never return to those days of genteel manners until AFTER the revolution so we can stay and put up with BO or leave and deprive those few who find our better posts of our sharings. Those ones just might pass on what we posted here, :)

The whole world is now pushy and ill mannered and arrogant
We OLD PEOPLE are charged by age and experience with standing with the revolution till we can once again TEACH good manners and ethics to those who never had any parenting before they
found Ron Paul.

Please consider how wonderfully useful we OLD PEOPLE are to help those arrogant youths to become better members of the WHOLE.

and what is that WHOLE made up of ...?