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Well, that was a rather negative and trollish post for someone fed up with negative trollish posts lol. Lighten up this site is doing great. Don't let trolls, newbies and those with agendas get you down. They make for great debate sharpeners. If you can hold your own and make reason win out over them, you can win out over anyone. Some of the best debates happen in the threads with - votes. That said I agree we need to keep our eye on the prize and encourage each other to stay positive and keep fighting. I'm with you there. Posts like this however, though therapeutic to get off ones chest, does not really forward that cause. If this site has supposedly deteriorated as you say and you can no longer put up with it, on my part I'll just have to respectfully disagree and wish you well as you pursue other avenues in the fight for liberty.

Like others have said, take a break. I have my doubts you'll be going elsewhere permanently, as most who say they've had it here don't, but if you decide to leave:

(lol the lyrics are surprisingly appropriate)