Comment: I was a delegate, but not anymore.

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I was a delegate, but not anymore.

Was not elected to proceed to state at our county convention.

After being treated the way we were at the country convention, I will NEVER vote for romney. The only way I will even stay a member of the GOP, is if they start acting right and opening their ears to the sound messages we believe.

I have also lost all faith in the vote count process of our elections. How very clear the deceptions of national "news" networks has become. That too, After realizing what they do, I can never watch the News again and trust what they say. What I have seen are atroities against the freedoms we found ourselves upon. I will spend my days spreading the message of freedom and continuing to expose the thugs for their crimes against the US and our constitution.

Men are paraded around as "presidents", yet work to destroy our very constitution, civil rights, economy...these things do not happen by accident or out of necessity. The entire news media is used in the most deceptive and manipulative ways to somehow make this madness seem plausible or excused? Wow.