Comment: Conress Knows Americans Aren't Paying Attention

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Conress Knows Americans Aren't Paying Attention

Why would Congress care what the people think when most Americans don't even know who their Congressman is??? They know more voters are influenced by television ads than the number of voters that look up their representatives records. What matters much more to them is campaign contributions. Whoever can flood the airwaves with ads (whether true or not) usually wins.

Part of this is the media's fault, and legislation that allowed giant media conglomerates. Which leads to all the news networks being garbage. The other part is the American people's fault. Our Government will answer to what gets them re-elected and with uniformed voters that will always be tv ads. And with people loyal to a 2-party system, they don't feel they need to be informed they vote for the party.

The Good news is that whether win or lose, this campaign has reached millions of people that have awakened to this. Thats why even if Paul doesn't get the nomination, every bit of effort/money was well spent.