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Don't Vote to Spite

Simply not voting for Romney to prove a point to the GOP is as bad as voting for Romney to spite Obama. There will always be reasons to vote for the 'other guy'. We shouldn't vote for either of these douche-bags simply because they're pure scum that ought to be tried for treason and executed.. wait no i take that back, they should be tortured, until they confess to being al-qaeda, then brought before a military tribunal that makes a mockery of judicial process and then executed... or sent off to one of our many secret prisons. Nahh they don't even deserve that.. some dictator ought to just decide who to kill and when.. then just take them out, NDAA STYLE.

Anyways, i'm done deciding whose worse. I will always vote for who i support from now on.

If anyone votes for Romney they have no right to complain when things go bad. Sure they could be worse with Obama.. but I wont vote for bad or worse... I will vote for prosperity and bitch at people for voting for anything else.