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Comment: Paul or nothing. There is no one else.

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Paul or nothing. There is no one else.

I wrote his name in 4 years ago.

The two establishment parties have elites pick their candidates. We, the people, have awoken and picked our candidate who best represents the people.

We need to get some debates. Three 90 minute ones would be great. Let the public hear our man explain things in detail. He does not need a teleprompter and has a record that is not flip flopping.

This election is about the economy - If our economy gets worse in the next few months more people will want to hear about some real plans for real changes. Every round of QE has pushed food prices higher as well as oil & gas. Keynesian economics only works so long. Its a bubble and when it pops its bad news - for everyone except the elites. We are possibly on the doorstep of QE III :-(