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Yes, a perfect metaphor.

I saw it as Romney vs. Paul because of so many similarites. (We, the movement, are the crowd shouting loudly in total support, "Ali, bu mah ye!")

Ali lost his license to fight in the ring in the USA because he refused to fight in an immoral war against people who never did him any harm (VietNam). His fight was with TPTB who taunted him most of his life. If memory serves me correctly, this epic battle took place in Zaire, Africa because Ali was prevented from going into the boxing ring in the USA. No? Yes? I am wondering if that, too is another metaphor. Don't mean to suggest anything. Just asking if that was part of the metaphor.

As far as Tampa, well that brings another memory to mind. Chicago, August 1968. But that is a documentary for viewing another time. I will post it in the near future.

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