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From the Desk of Doug Weed

Ron Paul’s delegate math, an accurate update
April 27, 2012

Has Ron Paul won the majority of delegates from Washington State to the Republican National Convention? That is the claim in a report that filed by the International Business Times last night. Has Ron Paul won the majority of delegates from Iowa? That was a recent report from Rachel Maddow on MSNBC the day before.

Now, here are the facts. No delegates to the Republican National Convention have been chosen from either state. The selection of the official delegation from Washington State will take place May 30, 2012. And the official delegation from Iowa will take place June 16, 2012.

Last Sunday night I reported on wins for Ron Paul in Minnesota and Iowa at the state’s respective district conventions. Delegates were indeed chosen in Minnesota, at the district level, to be part of the official state delegation to the RNC in Tampa. But not in Iowa. The rules are different there.

The wins that I referred to in Iowa had to do with committee selection and the elections of district delegates to the state convention that could lead to a Ron Paul heavy delegation to the RNC. The point to keep in mind is this. It hasn’t happened yet.

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