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Good...well done....!

Your self education is very commendable, as is your passion to go and wake your family.

My point is that the enemies of freedom have created the following terms (and or over-used them on purpose) in order to marginalize patriots:

1. racist
2. anti-Semitic
3. "conspiracy nut"
4. Tin foil hat

Conspiracies are real and ubiquitous.

Ron Paul is on record calling for REAL hearings into 9-11, for example. TPTB use false flag attacks REGULARLY (just the way Hitler did with the Reichstag fire,) in an attempt to turn mass public opinion against their enemies (us,) and to prevent the re-establishment of a Constitutional Republic.

I guarantee Ron Paul understands this, though he may not talk about it often. If he did, the MSM (and TPTB behind them) would talk about nothing else. You would never hear the name "Ron Paul" spoken on T.V. unless it was in a sentence along with "conspiracy nut" or "tin foil hat."

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."