Comment: Ron Paul is "Crazy". And if

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Ron Paul is "Crazy". And if

Ron Paul is "Crazy". And if you support him, you're "Crazy" too. Get over it.

Ron Paul has been called "Crazy" for thirty years... And Americans keep getting their asses handed to them over and over and over by the FED/IRS Complex who owns the politicians, the Pentagon and now the health care industry. It's so insidious it's like the air around us. People don't see how the theft pervades almost every aspect of American life.

The FED/IRS Complex says you're guilty until proven innocent regarding the fruits of your labor.

When they call you "Coo Coo" just make a mental note to notice where that person ends up in five years. They will be the one crying about how their 401-k got ransacked, or they're losing money with their 6 month CD's, or they got robbed when they sold their home because there is a whole new set of legal "financial transaction" tools to steal their profit.

Keep it simple...Take a one Dollar bill out of your wallet. Look at it. Every time that piece of paper changes hands the FED/IRS Complex gets a 'fee'.

What a great racket!

Now who's the Coo Coo?

I wonder if black slaves in America had to pay taxes on their free room and board and use of their "company car" or employer provided health care?

Thanks to the FED/IRS Complex Americans can't even get the same deal the slaves had.

Believe me, when they call Ron Paul crazy, it's not about him. It's about their ignorance and blindness.