Comment: Mississippi Precinct Caucuses AND County Conventions...

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Mississippi Precinct Caucuses AND County Conventions...

... are today, April 28. Mississippi Liberty patriots, you have a big day ahead of you:

Precinct Caucuses

Time: 10:00 AM

Location: Your normal voting precinct

Who should go: Every eligible Paul supporter in the precinct!

Strategy: Show up early and locate the Paul crowd. If there is no Paul crowd, nominate yourself to be a County delegate. Apparently, turnout is expected to be light, and you might get a spot just by being there:

After that, grab a late lunch if there is time, then go to...

County Conventions

Time: 3:00 PM

Location: Your County Courthouse

Who should go: Anyone elected as a delegate or alternate at the earlier Precinct Caucuses. (Even if you are not a delegate or alternate, go anyway; the Paul team could use your help, and it will be likely be fun and educational.)

Strategy: Show up early, find the Paul people, and do what you can to help. If needed to fill out a slate, commit to being a State Convention delegate (but only if you are willing to follow through). Above all, get organized and vote for the Paul slate.

Your Precinct Caucus starts in less than 1 hour. Throw some nice clothes on, take something to eat with you in the car, and get out to your precinct. Mississippi Paul patriots, we are counting on you!

P.S.: While Mississippi is a primary state, and delegates are bound to candidates in proportion to the primary vote, about two thirds of the delegates were won by Santorum and Gingrich, both of whom are likely to release their delegates prior to the National Convention. This means that the majority of National Convention Liberty delegates from Mississippi will probably be able to vote for Dr. Paul on the first ballot in Tampa. This is an excellent opportunity to pick up Paul delegates!

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