Comment: Laws Overturned

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Laws Overturned

Sometimes the laws by states to intervene in internal party bylaws have been overturned by the counts (though they may appear on the books, still).

Under the First Amendment (under which the states are also bound), Congress cannot abridge our rights to associate and speak, and who we endorse is considered speech, and how we determine who to endorse is done in the private, voluntary, non-governmental organization, so the courts, amazingly, have been on our side, even when the politicians and voters sometimes aren't.

This whole "bind" and "unbind" process goes back and forth, again and again, through the decades (centuries, millenia), depending on what most benefits the majority and who has the power at the moment.

Delegates can unbind themselves, although there may be jurisdictional and other bylaw limits on when and how. Santorum supporters might want to unbind themselves to vote for Romney or for Paul--you never know.

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