Comment: All of the R3VOLution may not be televised

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All of the R3VOLution may not be televised

but the arrests of those complicit will be:

According to Drake, many of these people gathered their families and a large quantity of money and moved overseas. Drake added that these people will be hunted down no matter where they are on this planet. In regard to the elite, Drake stated that “There’s gonna be some hangings. There’s gonna be some people jumping out of windows” but added that he does not want to see the riotous lynch mobs emanating from our society.

“The idea of the police state will not exist as it does now,” stated Drake. According to this insider, the FEMA camps will not be used for the general population, but for the corrupt politicians, banksters and global elite.

Drake stated that “there's gonna be a 72 hour shutdown. No one will be able to fly or use any satellite technology to prevent the crooks from leaving the United States and from pilfering money electronically.” While shutting down the satellites may affect cell phone service, internet connectivity and even possibly the use of automobiles, this will be done as a preventative measure to ensure that the elite do not pilfer any money to offshore accounts.

At this point in time, there is no specific date of when this event will occur but rest assured as soon as it happens, it will be covered.

Drake stated "there will be a specific television channel(s) for the educating and re-educating of people to our new society", adding, "there will be county, state and national positions created due to the number of people getting ousted from office as these politicians will be temporarily replaced with interim officials appointed on a temporary basis."

"The problem is not those in power, the problem is right between your ears." ~Larken Rose