Comment: 6 th district results here. We did GREAT !!!

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6 th district results here. We did GREAT !!!

We did VERY well today.

There is a question on the delegate count though

239 ballots

117 Ed Romback - Ron Paul

115 state rep Tarr for Mitt

114 Berz and Bolling tied. BOTH are Paulittes.

109 Jones - state rep and for Mitt

108 Kerry Healy - former lt. Govt for Mitt

8 Schwartz.

The bummer is due to the tie (for third) there were 7 provisional ballots. They will be counted in a few days for the tie purposes. And that could change the election results a bit. My math shows that we will still have 2 delegates regardless. Now we can only hope that most of those provisional votes are our people.

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We took all the alternate slots. It was a BLOW OUT. Many of the Mitt supporters had left early. Hamilton, Kenney and Macdonald ALL WON.

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