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None would agree or know this?

Okay, lets put it this way: Gov't/Corp.US didn't finalize the "legal fiction" or "agent in commerce", our signature did that.

Just because the gov't/corp.US is under the "presumption" that gives them jurisdiction over us, does it really?

Does jurisdiction follow money?

Well, if that's their "presumption", then surely they won't mind producing a contract we/you/us agreed to work for a certain dollar amount; or a payroll record showing we/you/us performed a function of government while making that money and they compensated we/you/us would they?

Isn't that one of the three fundamental principals of a contract?

1.Consent (would you have consented if you'd known the truth?)
2.Full Disclosure (did they tell you all they needed to?)
3.Valuable Consideration (Are we being paid for our services?)

Now, if we/you/us are performing a function of gov't/corp.US while making that money they claim we/you/us owe taxes on, then that means we must have been paid with "public money", right?

Are they operating on the "presumption" there is a contract already in place that fulfills the above 3 principals? How did applying for a SS card, create an infinite future contract/work relationship; and how does the mere possession of that card or bank account give them jurisdiction to tax any and all money that comes through there, or is made by us/you/we if we weren't performing a function of gov't/corp.US, and we haven't been paid for our time/labor?

Can they force us to work for free? Can they just "presume" us into a contract that has no valuable consideration on our behalf? Isn't that slavery?

Do they, or can they (corp.US/IRS) provide any proof or evidence stating we/I/you/us were "performing a function of government at the time we made that money?" Who's asking them to agree? We're asking them to prove up their claim is all. Just because we made money means nothing.

Hell yes I/you/we/us made money; it's our Inherent Right to do commerce and exist in society. Gov't cannot control all commerce; and a foreign corp. cannot control all commerce, can they?

If you work at McDonald's full time, is that acting as an agent of government? Hell, even if you live in the District of Columbia and work at McDonald's full time, does that mean you were performing as an agent of government at the time you made the money, just because you have an SS card in your pocket?

If that's the case, then couldn't McDonald's claim all gov't/corp.US employees who have an McDonald's ID badge in their pocket, owes McDonald's a tax on money their making while performing a function of gov't?

Unless I'm crazy, is there something on the ss card/bank account, etc. that states:

1. Now that you've applied for this card and opened a bank account, you're a trapped/doomed/taxed/slave to the foreign corp, no matter where you decide to work, even if it's at a coffee shop in NYC?

2. Now that you have possession of this card/birth cert/etc. every penny you make from this point on is considered money you made while employed by the federal gov't/corp.US, even if you work at a car wash?

3. Does it say on the card or application for the card, that if you present this card as ID to open a bank account or get employment anywhere in America, that from this point on, you're now considered a full time Gov't/Corp.US employee?

Is this slavery? Is this even possible? Can a foreign corporation show up on American soil and "force" us to come to work for them? I mean they provided an ID card, but that ID card doesn't mean we've got to clock in at City Hall tomorrow does it?

I have an ID card in my pocket for the Library; does that mean I'm a Librarian, and receiving a weekly paycheck from the person who owns the Library? Does that mean even though I'm working at McDonald's, I now owe a tax to the Library because I've got their card in my pocket; or I used the Library card as a form of identification to get employed by McDonald's, or open a bank account?

Do I need to rescind my Library card, so there's no confusion, or would it be wiser for me to rebut the Libraries claim I owe them a tax from my job at McDonald's by asking them to prove I was performing an act as a Librarian at the time I made the money at McDonald's they claim I owe them a tax on? What if I decide at some point, I'd like to go to work for the Library and rescinded my card?

What if I use my Library card as identification to open a Block Buster Video account? Does that obligate me from that point forward to pay a tax to the Library every time I rent a movie?

When someone files an application for a social security card, is that now an employment agreement stating you'll show up at the Social Security Administration tomorrow at 8AM ready for work? No, because if it was a contract of employment and you didn't show up, they'd simply fire you, not throw you in prison. Is this a slave racket?

How about if someone uses a drivers license/birth certificate/social security card as a form of ID to open a checking or saving account; does that "automagically" create a tax obligation to the folks that created those ID's every time they make a dollar, even if when they made that dollar, they was working at the car wash?

If so, does that mean the foreign corp US owns the car wash? How can they "own and control" everything? I don't think they can, legally, can they?

If that's the case, then to hell with an 8 to 5 job, I think I'll just start my very own-home based business of "making ID cards" and passing them out; and now everyone in the country running around with one of the ID cards I created owes me a tax, even if they aren't working for me at the time they made that money I'm claiming they owe a tax on.

What the hell kind of magic-money-thieving card is that? You carry it around and open a bank account with it (because that's what the bank asked for), and all of a sudden any money you make while selling star fish on the sea side in Sunny California automagically has a tax on it, that's due to the corp.US?

And just because a bank asked you for a social security # to open up a checking account, does that mean all money running through that account is money made while working as a gov't/foreign corp/agent?

And does the papers you sign at a bank when opening a checking/savings account inform you that if you open this account using an SS#, that the only money you can deposit or withdraw from that account is a government check that proves you were operating/performing a function of government when you made that money?

And does the bank inform you, that if you have a job at Taco Bell, Wal-Mart, Coffee Shop, Car Wash, KFC, or selling hot dogs out of the back of your Station Wagon, that you cannot deposit funds from those organisations/activities into that account, because those are not government agencies; and it would be fraud to do so?

Surely the bank wouldn't engage in a fraud like that, would they? I mean couldn't they be held accountable too? Is it against the "LAW" to deposit money you made at 7-11 while not on the gov't clock into that bank account since you used an SS card to open it?

I know the bank only accepts Federal Reserve notes for deposit, but does that mean you must be employed by the Federal Reserve before you can deposit or withdraw funds from their bank?

Are they making the claim that everyone in this country is "performing an act of government" while working their 9 to 5 just because they have an SS card? If that's the case, Block Buster Video could make the same claim, could they not?

If we're all government employees, does that mean we can all have access to military equipment; the pentagon; the White House; start carrying a state police badge and pulling over our fellow government employees and writing them tickets; pepper spraying our co-workers; get a government vehicle with dark tinted windows and a CB Radio and laptop inside; $75K per/year salary; walk into any coffee shop and flash a government badge and say "let me see your records"?

I wonder if they'd admit they are our employers if we just walked up to the pentagon; showed the guy at the front desk an SS card and said I need to speak to Admiral Johnson immediately, I'm from the government, here's my ID.

If so, are they also accepting responsibility for any accident you may have during the day; any medical bills you may acquire; any fuel you put in your tank; any insurance on vehicles, etc. I mean all this is an expense that can be absorbed by our employer, right?

Is it safe to say, that so called "contract" or "SS Card" is only active if and when you're operating in that capacity as a gov't agent, or thru that "title" at the time you made that money?

Here's another thought: What if I'm a part time corp.US employee and have another job as a weed picker on Tuesday's and Thursday's; and I deposit the money I make at my weed picking job into that bank account; does that mean I'm a government/corp.US employed "weed picker"?

Is there even a gov't/corp.US job like that available?

This is just common sense once you get your head out of the code book and statutes, and come back down to earth and shake off the "government is my master" syndrome.

In Liberty and Beyond!