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Comment: Some Initial Results are in and Ron Paul

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Some Initial Results are in and Ron Paul

is kicking butt! This is simply what I've heard from delegates and vote watchers

In our area, there were 263 voters. Ron Paul took 102, Romney took 18! 134 were for the leftover Santorum/Spineless slate that just assigns unbound delegates. We also had a few votes for our delegates on duplicate slates.

Other areas did even better, though.
Videllia : 20 votes - 15 for Paul.
Winsboro: 55 votes - 100% for Ron Paul!
Monroe: 400 total - 290 for paul.
Ruston: 73% for Ron Paul!

I've also heard that we got approx. 53% of the votes in St. Tammany Parish.

*UPDATE!* Just got a text message as I typed this:

"It's official we won 4 1/2 districts! That means that we WON LOUISIANA! We get the delegates and will control the state! All of 1, 2, half of 4, all of 5, and 6."

I hope that's accurate!