Comment: We invented the word electioneering in this state.

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We invented the word electioneering in this state.

The head of the Romney campaign Scott Sewell got in my grill and I knew I had him when I detected that he dyed his mustache. He said he had all of this evidence and he had pictures and this and that. All about this thing that was in the dead pelican web site that everyone knows is now acknowledged to be true. I said "man I don't care." He said that "someone had been ejected from the caucus becasue of that flyer" and I knew he was lying then and so did everyone else that was standing around becasue we never saw anyone get ejected. I said look here sir I think it is a funny thing for some one from the Romney camp to be talking about dirty politics and manipulation caucus goers. We have the internet now sir you can't dictate to me what the truth is anymore."

I don't know what he thought he was going to do. There is nothing illegal about making up flyers that have BS on them. There isn't a flyer police. They kept coming by our set up area tying to get copies of the flyer and we told them to go away. It's all true anyway. Mittens was trying to work the other slates and it didn't work. We exposed them and we beat them at their own game.