Comment: I don't know who you are

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I don't know who you are

I never saw any flyer. I just got jumped by the door of the mall by the head Romney person and he was the one ranting about a flyer. After I get home from the caucus I read all of this stuff in the paper of record here that says the dead pelican was dead on in it's analysis of the changes to the other slates. The news paper says that the guy that was all aggressive towards me is the one that combined the slates of the other candidates so that they had people from the other camps on them. All mixed up like they were combined against us. And yes I have not been a registered user here until now. But I was at the caucus site so I thought the story may have been of some value. I really don't care if you delete me or what ever because I already did my mission and we won by over 100% when all the votes were counted. OK?