Comment: clarification - the "Ronald Regan Unity Liberty Slate" won

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clarification - the "Ronald Regan Unity Liberty Slate" won

Hi guys. sorry i was a bit brief when i relayed my initial field report - i was typing on my phone!

This morning at the caucuses held in Framingham, the Romney Campaign had an official slate of delegates that they wanted to elect to represent him at the convention. Remember: Romney won the primary back on super tuesday here in Massachusetts, so today's caucuses were for picking *who* gets the honor of being Romney's delegates.

The campaign played a video from Anne Romney asking for people to support the Official Romney slate of candidates and alternates.

However, there was this other slate of candidates, which had the fantastic name of: "The Ronald Regan Liberty Unity Slate" (it was basically made up of 6 Ron Paul supporters), and they ended up running away with the 3 delegate spots and the 3 alternates spots for this congressional district! The Ronald Regan Liberty Unity Slate got 100 votes vs. 50 votes for the official romney slate, and won by even wider margins for the alternates.

We shouldn't discount the significance of what happened today - that it happened in Mitt Romney's back yard!! (Belmont, where he lives, is part of this district) - he can't even get 50 people to show up to vote for his delegates? Crazy! and believe me, the Romney people who were there were just livid... even if this doesn't get reported in the media, Mitt's will know that his official delegates didn't get elected. There were paid staffers from the national campaign at the event.

The Paul campaign has been the exact opposite. they called a few times, sent email instructions with specific instructions. They deserve a lot of credit!! Great job everyone.