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In a way, YES...since he

In a way, YES...since he agreed to the debate schedule months ago, which did NOT include a debate in May (because there is NEVER a debate in May, especially not when the two left in the race are 750 delegates apart...and since he has made no indication that he wants to go back on that agreement, then yes...he HAS made it perfectly clear that he is not interested in demanding a debate.

Again...he knows it will NOT happen. Even if you are too stupid to realize it. No amount of signatures would make it happen. The GOP is not going to pursue it. Not even the Texas GOP wants one anymore. They wanted a 4 way debate. They do not want a a debate now. No network would air it, and no one but Ron Paul supporters would watch it.

Romney could simply answer every question the same way a football team that is up by 25 points in the 4th quarter does when their opponent gets a sack and then does a dance. He'll just say "look at the scoreboard."