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Who I am

How old are you - 33

Where are you from - Pittsburgh, PA

What do you do - I am a mathematician with skills in applied math and applied Austrian economics. This may sound a little strange, but I actually was rejecting the monetary system subconsciously since I was a teenager. When I learned the equation of compound interest, I knew that the system was fundamentally flawed. I also briefly studied physics.

What’s your political history - Republican Party 1996-2003, Green Party 2003-2008, Libertarian Party 2008-2012, Republican Party 2.0 2012-present.

What brought you to Ron Paul - I had been trying to ascertain the source of the anomaly I discovered in the equation of compound interest. Ron Paul finally pointed me in the right direction. It comes from the Federal Reserve, and mathematically speaking, the monetary system is fundamentally flawed. I have come to the conclusion that a sound monetary system with a gold and silver standard is the intermediate phase in moving to a resource based economy as described in Zeitgeist Moving Forward. What Ron Paul is describing to me is a money system where the value of the money slowly creeps up over time because of increased mechanization. This means that over time, people will need less and less money. In order for the to happen, I believe that the following must be imprinted on the Constitution to prevent this from being derailed.

The practice of fractional reserve banking is hereby prohibited.