Comment: Conservatives Can Get Onboard

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Conservatives Can Get Onboard

I'm a lifelong Republican, and a Reagan-idolizing conservative, but I have come to agree with Ron Paul on this issue. I would never consider using drugs, but I fully support the idea that the government has no business legislating what I put in my body. Here's a better argument you could use.

If you require the government's permission to drink milk, then it means the government owns your body, and they are responsible for what you eat.

If a government agent can take away the turkey-sandwich that you gave your child for lunch, then the government owns your child, and is responsible for what you feed her.

If the government can tell you that you must purchase health-insurance and they also own your body, then they can also insist that you use your insurance, whether or not you agree that a medical procedure is necessary. The same is true for your children.

Every conservative Republican can understand the threat posed by government micromanagement of our health.