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the Mor(m)on capital of the world

Morning greets 1m4Paul

Running back thru scrolls to see if I missed any new posts
just voted yours up as it has hit me with a bulb over my brain.
remember that icon?

heres an idea

we have to get a flyer and as many ads as possible out in UTAH showing when rommie was promoting many liberal activities in Mass
show him on vids and saying liberal beliefs

this should be done by the campaign but one wonders if it can even get out of bed these days without any DRIVE to do good advertising

make sure the people of UTAH and the non mormons who often support mormon views or they would have moved out by now

all know how liberal Mass is and how many liberal views rommnie supported when he was there gov there.

how can supporters get this done before the UTAH votes are up
for grabs ? ?

we ought not leave it to the campaign
perhaps its just overloaded and we have to figure how to lighten their load?