Comment: I was a poll worker in CD7 in Pennsylvania

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I was a poll worker in CD7 in Pennsylvania

I had Ron Paul delegate cards and handed them out to everyone saying "these are the local folks that want to represent the Party at the National convention, you will see their names at the bottom of the ballot, please vote for them" . There was nobody there handing out anything else but a "sample ballot" that had a long list of candidates for every office and endorsed delegates at the bottom. My simple card with the 4 delegates and 4 alternates on it was VERY effective. I think I got almost every delegate vote at my poll. We didn't win CD7, because there were not enough people like me out there at EVERY polling place. Poll workers are all that matters in the states like Pa that elect the delegates at the polls. I don't think I met a single voter all day that even knew what a delegate was or cared what delegates got elected. They were all focused on the candidate and were easily swayed to vote for the Paul delegates. We can win by putting volunteers at the polling places handing out the Ron Paul delegate list. It's that simple.