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And why can they tell the Marine he/she have no freedom of

speech, and the Marine has to abide by that? Because the Marine is getting "PAID" for his services/employment. There's "valuable consideration" there.

Just because you're a "citizen of the UNITED STATES" does that give them legal authority to tax your income, even if you're not getting a weekly check from the UNITED STATES?

Can they "force" you into a labor contract where you receive no pay?

My Block Buster rental card "confirms" I have an account, does that mean they can tax my gov't/corp.US paycheck, just because I have a movie rental card in my pocket? Sure, if I don't rebut their "presumption".

Now, if Block Buster does charge me a tax because their under the "presumption" I'm an employee, and I do not rebut that "presumption", doesn't that mean we're in "agreement"?

So if the gov't/corp.US tells an employer he/she has to take $60.00 out of John Doe's check on Friday, and the employer doesn't rebut it; John Doe doesn't rebut it; does the gov't/corp.US have a "contract"?

Yes they do, and that's the mistake people are making: They are not rebutting the IRS's "presumption" that they are employees of the gov't/corp.US, and when you do not rebut that "presumption", it's called "agreement", and agreement of two parties is LAW.

I can write all the BS codes; statutes; rules I want for my own corporation; even a rule that says "anyone living in Texas" is considered an employ of my corporation. And lets say I start mailing every one in Texas a bill on the 1st and 15th claiming they owe me corporate union fees because I've "presumed" they are my employees.

If they don't rebut my "presumption", do I now have an enforceable contract?

1. Consent
2. Full Disclosure
3. Valuable Consideration

Am I paying them anything for their services, or just under the "presumption" they owe me something because they never rebutted my claim?

If they're dumb enough to send me $30.00 on the 1st and 15th and never rebut my presumption, then I guess that's "agreement" of two parties :)