Comment: Look Mr. Chicken Hawk,,,

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Look Mr. Chicken Hawk,,,

The draft didn't end till the late 70's.
When we were in, Ron Paul and I, we were ORDERED to do whatever we were told under penalty of a FIRING squad !
A flight surgeon is simply the Air Force terminology for a general practitioner DOCTOR, who has already graduated from medical school. Duke University for Doctor Paul.

Medics were front line troops who took enemy fire, watch a MASH rerun sometime.

Please do some research before you post about something that you know nothing about, by the way 58,000 Americans died in Vietnam, so you could practice FREEDOM of speech !

7-1/2 years in USAF with honorable discharge to hang on a wall. What do you have to hang on a wall? By the way, $80.00 a month was my pay, with an extra $8.00 a month for overseas pay.