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This is about upholding

This is about upholding Constitutional Law, and violation of one persons attempt to restrict those rights from another person.

If we can not uphold the Constitution, then what is the point in even having a Constitution? It seems to me that that is the precise angle the PTB and neocon/dems are using to abolish it.

In a room filled with patriots, if one person stands up against tyrrany I would certainly hope that others would back him/her. Much like at a ball game where arrests are seldomly made for fear of spectator riot (sometimes they are made, but not usually).

Furthermore, nobody mentioned abduction. This pertains to an officer breaking the law of the land and a citizens arrest made. Maybe this would simply encourage the officer to simply BACK OFF.

Lastly, law enforcement loves to spout "there is no excuse for not knowing the law" and we all are required to abide by them. Law enforcement personel is NO different - there is no excuse for them to not know our law of the land. If we do not enforce this, then there is no hope or defense.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul