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sorry for delayed response. I

sorry for delayed response. I spoke with one of the RP delagates afterwards. there were 7 provisional envelopes to be counted. he said he knew one person was for the liberty slate. add me to that list and that's 2 votes for 1st, 3rd/3rd. A guy sitting behind us during the day said he was a provisional but was voting for Romney slate as someone on 2nd place's team brought him there (he was a democrat until recently). So that makes 2nd place's total be 116 and 3rd/4th be 116 too. That leaves 4 envelopes left. if we each get 2 envelopes then it's a tie and Romney's chair determines the victor which would not be us (but we'd still get 2 of three). We had to get 3 out of the 4 left to outright win and get all three slots.

I wish someone could watch that. Also, I am a bit nervous about my vote counting. My wife mailed it certified the day before the deadline, but I honestly don't trust the party counting everyone's votes. When I asked a simple question out loud the chair went on and on about how many reasons someone's provisional ballot may not count. It was as if he was trying to set the tone for them not being counted. Anyone know how I can be sure mine counted?